US-59 Access Management Plan & Cattle Drive

Parsons, Kansas, Kansas Department of Transportation

The US-59 Access Management Plan was conducted by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) in cooperation with the City of Parsons as part of the Transportation Works for Kansas (T-WORKS) program. The project was set in motion when the city wanted to improve existing road conditions around a new hotel and conference center slated for development in the area. Studies have shown access management plans protect taxpayer investments by reducing the need to rebuild infrastructure and increased safety.

When we began working with Parsons, they wanted to consider how they would evolve and develop over the next few years. The planning process focused on preserving the integrity of the existing US-59 alignment by promoting safe and efficient traffic flow. As part of the study, we completed analysis on 2-, 3-, and 4-lane roadway sections; considered driveway consolidation and signing and pavement marking improvements; and looked at various traffic control options for the major intersections.

Because we were able to create buy-in from the city, KDOT was able to meet its goal of increasing safety, while supporting area economic growth. In fact, Parsons has already begun putting the KDOT approved plan in place. This and its ACEC Kansas Engineering Excellence award win are true measures of the project’s success.

Currently, we are designing Cattle Drive and a reverse frontage road, as well as an internal road. This infrastructure will not only improve access as new development occurs, but also maintain the efficiency of the highway.

Learn more about qualifying for access management funding here. 


By advance planning access of roads, communities reduce the number of projects needed. Instead of making an improvement and changing it in a few years to accommodate new businesses, the plan will help the area grow efficiently with fewer projects.

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