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Affinis is a small business that performs in a big way. Our team can self-execute full civil engineering work or leverage some of our long-term partnerships to expand our capabilities. With over 10 years of experience working in the federal market, we know how to implement your design criteria and meet the required standards.

Federal clients are different than smaller agencies, our skilled team understands those intricacies, which helps us efficiently manage every project. Designing within your budget, we strive to continually improve, setting new standards in client service. The best testament to our successful approach is our high CPARS ratings. Below, you can learn more about our firm by viewing our Capabilities Brief.

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Capabilities Brief

Ad Astra Collaborative

Ad Astra Collaborative, LLC (Ad Astra) is a joint venture formed by three firms whose leaders have been working together for more than 30 years. Affinis, Vireo, and Water Resources Solutions each provide different aspects of civil engineering and environmental design solutions. By combining forces, we’re now able to bring a comprehensive set of skills and experience to our clients. Learn more about how we work together here.


  • Civil works planning and design
  • MILCON design and planning
  • Section 1135 and Section 14 studies
  • Levee periodic inspections
  • Levee O&M manual creation and updating
  • Infrastructure planning and design
  • Bridge and structural design
  • Civil/site planning and design
  • Consulting services
  • Water resources analysis and design
  • Levee and dam assessment, analysis, and design
  • Sustainable design and green solutions

The Affinis team enjoyed working through all the challenges of the Armourdale and CID Pump Station Modification Project with the USACE team to deliver a quality product. We believe this project will make our community safer and are proud to be part of moving our community forward.

Jason Davis PE, ENV SP, Vice President of Federal Services
Affinis Corp