Cedar Street Improvements

olathe cedar street project

Cedar Street is part of the Original Town neighborhood in Olathe, Kansas. It is anchored by commercial properties at the west and east ends and provides access for the residents of single family and multi-tenant properties. The existing street was narrow and in poor condition, and the storm and sanitary sewers also needed to be improved.

Our team was selected by the City of Olathe, Kansas to design a complete street reconstruction. The project includes reconstructing the pavement, curb, and sidewalk; replacing the sanitary sewer system; adding to the enclosed storm sewer system; and installing streetlights. Each of these improvements will bring the area’s infrastructure up to the city’s standards.

The existing street will be widened to 26 feet from back of curb to back of curb. This will accommodate on-street parking and allow drivers to pass comfortably. All the existing sidewalk will be replaced, and new sidewalk will be added to fill in the gaps. Directional ADA compliant ramps will also be provided at each intersection. In addition, the curb return radii will be enlarged to prevent vehicle encroachment at the corners at Walnut Street.

One unique aspect of this effort was the site overlapped with three other projects during design and construction. Because of this, several components required coordination with other design teams. These included widening along Parker Avenue; replacing existing, unauthorized sanitary sewer services on Cedar Street under the live railroad tracks; and adding two concrete box culvert cells at the Little Cedar Creek crossing west of Pine Street. Through proactive communication and collaboration with all parties, we were able to streamline the process.

The sanitary sewer replacement required coordination with BNSF. Our team held a meeting with the city, the general contractor, and the railroad on-site. Together, we established calendar milestones that could be used to schedule railroad flagging protection when the new sewer line was installed. We also detailed the requirements of abandoning the old sewer line.

This project helps move Olathe forward by providing Cedar Street residents with a vibrant neighborhood for the next 50 years.

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