Staco Electric Knoche Yard

Staco Electric and the City of Kansas City, Missouri wanted to install a 4 in. fiber optic line under the active rail line at Knoche Yard. To do this, they needed to first acquire a utility permit from Kansas City Southern Railroad (KCS). Then, they had to comply with the railroad’s installation requirements and reach the correct depths, missing any existing utilities under the tracks.

Our railroad engineering group was selected to support this effort. We started by applying for a non-invasive survey of the site. Then, our team conducted a topographic survey and finalized alignment. We also located utilities during a site visit, identifying if they were above ground or underneath.

As we began work on this project, KCS saw this as an opportunity to install a utility along the same route. Our team handled the coordination, design, review, and submittal app for this effort, as well as with Staco Electric.

For both projects, any installed utilities had to meet certain railroad requirements. For example, they must be placed at a certain depth, cross at a perpendicular angle with the tracks, and be located to industry standards from a public grade crossing.

Using the data collected at the railyard, we applied for a permit with an engineering plan, describing the depth, commodity, locations, and type of utility. These materials were sent for review and approval to the railroad. Once approved, flagging protection can be scheduled for the installation crew.

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