Truman Farm Home Trail

Grandview, Missouri

The City of Grandview, Missouri wanted to connect two of its popular sites, the Truman Farm Home property and Longview Lake, to make them more accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists. To create a seamless “presidential trail,” the Affinis team added pathways for bicyclists and pedestrians along Harry Truman Drive, through a neighborhood park, and finally, forming connections with the existing trail at the lake.

This area is home to a number of businesses and neighborhoods. While some had sidewalks along Harry Truman Drive, many did not. The completed work improves existing sidewalks and makes them ADA compliant. It also included the development of a new multi-use trail that connects neighborhoods to the amenities along Harry Truman Drive.

By linking these two historic sites, the city has changed how residents are accessing these local attractions. Adding trails, sidewalks, and new pathways has not only improved neighborhoods, but also supported nearby businesses. The completed design is helping to move Grandview forward and providing added benefits to its community.

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