Weatherby Lake Dam

Weatherby Improvement Company, Weatherby Lake, Missouri

Since January 1988, we have provided professional engineering services to the Weatherby Lake Improvement Company (WLIC). Their goal is to maintain a safe and functional structure for nearby homeowners.

Over the years, we’ve gained an in-depth knowledge of the dam, while leading all major improvements relating to Weatherby Lake, its 75-foot-tall earthen dam, and spillway. We have provided the following services:

  • Annual dam safety inspections.
  • Design of a new concrete spillway and roadway bridge.
  • Design of several lake walls.
  • Dam abutment grouting.
  • Toe drain inspection and assessments.
  • Dam abutment assessments.
  • Lake cross sections and sediment computations.
  • Peret property water quality facility.
  • Spillway joint repair.
  • Bridge girder repair.
  • FEMA Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

With a number of properties on the lake, WLIC was recently challenged when a new FEMA map required owners to pay the maximum rate for flood insurance, regardless of their homes’ location. Our team was able to quickly show that all but one property owner was outside of the FEMA 100-year base flood using FEMA Out-As-Shown criteria, ultimately saving homeowners money.

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