16 Ways to Give Back

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, many are wondering how they can give back. Whether it’s spending time at a local animal shelter or leading your child’s troop, there are a number of ways to help.

Delivering towels to reStart

At the beginning of the year, we challenged every co-worker to donate 16 hours of community service. Co-workers earned tickets for every hour of time given, as well each $20 donation. As a team, we’ve met our goal with plans to continue through the end of the year.


Below, you will find a list of 16 ways we served our community. We hope it will inspire you.

  1. Spend time tutoring students.
  2. Run for a cause, like the Pancreatic Cancer 5K or the Run for Little Hearts.
  3. Coach a team.
  4. Join in the Heart Walk.
  5. Chaperone a field trip.
  6. Cook up something special at the APWA’s Cooks for Kids.
  7. Donate blood.
  8. Participate in Project Lead the Way.
  9. Support Harvesters with a food drive.
  10. Learn how to perform CPR.
  11. Help out at the American Royal.
  12. Adopt a street.
  13. Lend your talents to Growing Futures.
  14. Gather supplies for Heart to Heart International.
  15. Volunteer as a mentor at Johnson County Community College.
  16. Vote.

We’d love to know. How do you give back? Do you have a favorite organization we should check out? Share your ideas with #AffinisGivesBack.

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