21 Reasons We Enjoy Working at Affinis

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In honor of our 21st Birthday, we asked co-workers to share why they enjoy working at Affinis. After reading through the stack, a few themes emerged. Co-workers appreciated the people, the atmosphere, and their connection to moving communities forward. Below, you’ll find their individual responses.

  1. Levi Cole, EI, Project Engineer: I enjoy working at Affinis, because we make a positive impact in our communities both with our work and service hours. We truly try to move communities forward in all that we do. I also enjoy working at Affinis because of the work-life balance and culture we have.
  2. Garrett Spease, Field Crew Member and GIS Specialist: One reason I enjoy working at Affinis is the co-workers.
  3. Emily Bishop, Office Coordinator: I like working at Affinis, because everyone here is kind and caring. Not only do my co-workers always try to do the best job, but they are also conscientious and ethical in everything they do.
  4. Aubrey Meyer, PLS, Professional Land Surveyor: Affinis has some amazing co-workers and leadership! The values are more than just words; all co-workers truly live out the values in their work.
  5. Ryan Stobaugh, PE, Project Engineer: I enjoy the teamwork and collaboration.
  6. Canyon Mallory, Marketing Coordinator: The people at Affinis are incredibly welcoming and truly make you feel as if you are part of a team working towards the same goal.
  7. Matt Watson, PE, Project Engineer: I am new to the Affinis team, but a reason I enjoy working here is the people. Everyone has been friendly and welcoming, and I can tell that they are passionate about what they do and want the Affinis team to be successful.
  8. Maeve VanLandingham, Project Engineer: I enjoy working at Affinis, because I have the chance to work on local projects that make an impact in the community.
  9. Drew Pjesky, IE, Engineering Intern: I enjoy working at Affinis, because I get along with my coworkers very well. There is never a day that I am uncomfortable to come in and collaborate or ask questions about a project and learn from the people that have been in the industry for many years.
  10. Conner Jackson, Project Representative: I enjoy working at Affinis, because of the people I work with.
  11. Kathy Minnick, MBA, Controller: I enjoy the teamwork and camaraderie, as well as the co-workers I work with each day. We have each other’s backs.
  12. Nevene Fanous , PE, ENV SP, LEED AP, Project Manager: At Affinis I am working with a very talented patient group of engineers that love their work, appreciate this company, and want to be here.
  13. Justin White, Survey Crew Member: The reason I enjoy working at Affinis is the respect I get from my peers and from my supervisors.
  14. Mark Hoppe, Senior Project Engineer: The people. Affinis is a great place to work due to the people all working as a team.
  15. Mike McKenna, PE, PTOE, ENV SP, Principal and Senior Traffic Engineer: I enjoy working at Affinis towards a common goal of making our communities a better place to live.
  16. Brandon Gann, Field Surveyor: I like the family atmosphere.
  17. John Slayman, Design Technician I: I enjoy the teamwork and camaraderie.
  18. Jason Davis, PE, ENV SP, Vice President of Federal Services: The reason I enjoy working at Affinis is my co-workers. They truly make working at Affinis enjoyable. It is great to see how our co-workers work together to take on challenges, especially over the last couple of years!
  19. Linda Rottinghaus, PE, ENV SP, Principal and Senior Project Engineer: I really enjoy working with my coworkers. We try and make it a fun time at work.
  20. Troy Depperschmidt, CET, Senior Designer: Working at Affinis for all of those 21 years has resulted in seeing many great projects in our communities and interacting with many people to provide quality services.
  21. John McCanless, Senior Project Representative: I enjoy the company culture and team atmosphere.

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