Affinis Clients Weigh in On Infrastructure and Workforce Changes

Posted on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 by
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As part of our strategic planning initiative, we worked with a consultant to survey our clients. Based on their candid feedback, we learned how their businesses are changing and what they thought of our firm. Find details on their evolving work environment and the impacts on infrastructure and engineering below.

The survey was sent to a curated client list. The results revealed that 70 percent of respondents were currently working with our team. The remaining 30 percent have partnered with us in the past.

In the survey, we asked how respondents’ businesses have been affected by COVID-19 related disruptions. Many mentioned a shift in communication. They cited fewer in-person and more virtual meetings. They also identified staff turnover, workforce shortages, and a shift to remote/hybrid work. Items specific to our industry included material availability, funding, schedule delays, and an increase in citizen engagement.

When asked how these disruptions are changing their organizations, they said that there is less coordination. Many see a continuation of virtual internal and public meetings. This could correlate to a greater focus on professional development and new service delivery methods, such as telework and filesharing. A few reported increased growth and flexibility. While some stated, the changes have made their organization operate more effectively.

These workforce shifts are impacting roadway designs. Some said that traffic patterns are changing. This has required more observations to better understand usage and flow.

We also asked survey respondents about the impact Affinis has had on their projects. We found that 64 percent mentioned the positive impact our firm has had. They said we’ve looked at ways to save cities money, managed construction inspections, and added to their teams’ capabilities. We’ve also helped make changes in their communities that “provide safety for pedestrians and the traveling public.”

As a firm, we’re committed to moving communities forward, so this stat had us the most excited. The survey results showed 60.7 percent mentioned the positive impact we’ve had on residents. One respondent said our work together has “made our community a better place to live, work and travel through.” Another said the “construction cost savings allowed us to expand the scope of work.”

Survey respondents said that we are better than the competition at relationships (36 percent) and responsiveness (32 percent). We also asked our clients to share what is unique about working with our firm. They said:

  • Prompt response and relevant guidance.
  • The customer service!
  • Utility coordination during design.
  • Affinis is easy to work with.
  • Great culture as a firm.
  • Had good experience with knowledgeable project manager that was responsive. That is one of the most important aspects of working with a consultant.
  • Most friendly staff that has interacted well with my staff and community members.
  • Good communication and dialogue. Having their own inspectors and surveyors rather than having to hire out.
  • I feel their leadership is more personable and able to meet with nearly anyone to discuss projects.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Personal relationship with Affinis staff.
  • Working with the owner of Affinis is unique over other firms where you feel like a number sometimes.
  • Longevity.
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