Affinis Named One of MoDOT Bridge Engineering Assistance Program Partners

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What is the Bridge Engineering Assistance Program?
The Bridge Engineering Assistance Program (BEAP) is a way for local public agencies to get some limited engineering assistance to deal with emergency issues that they may encounter on their bridges. As part of this program, Affinis is excited to work with Missouri cities and counties to help move your communities forward.

Which bridges apply?
This program applies to bridges that are under local public jurisdiction and not part the of MoDOT road system. These services are intended to evaluate the operational or structural conditions on an existing bridge and are not intended for the development of detailed plans for new bridges. BEAP program services are not intended to duplicate services already available to local public agencies through MoDOT district offices or Bridge Division. The consultant services provided under this program are intended to maximize the availability of professional advice or services to local public agencies.

Who will be conducting this work?
The structural and hydraulic engineering expertise necessary to provide this assistance to the local public agencies and their political subdivision will be provided by a pool of pre-qualified engineering consultants. The consultant firms selected for the pre-qualified pool will be required to use engineering personnel having a background that includes bridge inspection, bridge design experience, familiarity with developing bridge maintenance priorities, and low-cost bridge improvements.

Affinis has a strong team of excellent structural engineers. Their experience ranges from lake and dam assessments and design, bridge rehabilitation and replacements, bridge maintenance assessments, and cost-savings methods.

How can I utilize Affinis Corp?
Your agency may identify a bridge problem for which you desire to utilize the BEAP program. Your agency will either directly contact Affinis to discuss the bridge problem or contact the district office for information and assistance on using this program.

After being notified of the bridge problem, Affinis will fill out the BEAP Project Tracking Form and submit it electronically to the district office for review. The district office will review the proposed project and then forward it to Bridge Division for their review and approval of the study.

After the notice to proceed is given, the consultant will perform the study in accordance with the information provided on the BEAP Project Tracking Form. Affinis will submit a draft electronic copy of the report to the Bridge Division and district office for review and approval. The Bridge Division will review the report, consult with the district office as needed, and provide Affinis with feedback on any desired changes to the report. Once any changes/updates to the report have been completed, a finalized copy of the report shall be submitted to the local public agency, the district office, and Bridge Division. The finalized copy of the report may be submitted electronically to all the involved parties and shall be signed and sealed by a professional engineer registered in the state of Missouri.

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