Cindy Martens to Retire in October

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Today, we’d like to share that Cindy Martens, SPHR-SCP, our Manager of Recruiting and Retention, will retire in October. Over the course of her career, she’s helped attract and retain talented co-workers who embody our firm’s principles.

Cindy has worked at Affinis for 15 years. When we asked her to describe how the firm has changed during that time, she cited the new office, co-workers, and leadership. She has enjoyed the culture the most at Affinis, saying, “It really is different than other places I’ve worked. The level of respect for all people in all positions is unmatched.”

To honor her contribution, we asked a few co-workers to share their memories and impressions of Cindy. Here’s what they had to say:

How does Cindy represent Affinis’s values?
Aubrey Meyer, PLS, Professional Land Surveyor: Cindy has truly lived Affinis’s values and used them to guide every decision she has been involved in.

How has she helped to shape Affinis?
Aubrey: I feel that her efforts have truly contributed to the company, particularly in recruiting co-workers. She doesn’t just fill seats, but looks for people who live the values of Affinis every day in their work. She takes pride in recruiting quality talent that is a good fit for the company.

Kristen Leathers-Gratton, PE, Assoc. DBIA, President: Cindy has helped us grow as a company and individually. As HR manager, her primary focus was on recruiting and retention. She elevated our effort to find the best talent and keep them on our team. She is passionate about helping people be the best they can be in the best environment possible. In all her interactions with co-workers, she listens, learns, and offers guidance that supports our values – balance, collaboration, excellence, servant leadership, and trustworthiness. She practiced these values in her daily life and is a mentor to us all, leading by example.

What will you miss about working with her?
Aubrey: She always gives her honest opinion. We have had countless candid personal and work-related conversations. Over the years, my working relationship with Cindy has evolved into a friendship. I’ve sought her opinion on many challenges, both professionally and personally. Most people you confide in will listen intently to all sides and usually give the response – “Wow, tough decision…good luck with that.” Cindy would listen, ask great questions, and always weigh in with her opinion. She always offered a perspective I had never considered.

Kristen: I will miss her words of wisdom – “listen to your gut;” “there are two sides to every story;” and “offer the kind truth.” She was my touchstone in challenging times and helped me put things in the proper perspective. Most of all, I will miss her true passion for Affinis and our co-workers.

As we send her off, we asked Cindy to leave us with the largest takeaway from her career. She said, “It’s important to find time to care about the people side of your business. It is the best investment a company can make.” We couldn’t agree more!

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