City of Lake Waukomis Supports Homeowners with Dam Repair

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The water levels at Lake Waukomis were dropping due to dam seepage. As a result, area homeowners couldn’t access their boats from the dock. The City of Lake Waukomis, MO knew they needed to address the issue to support residents.

They selected our team for the Lake Waukomis West Dam Abutment Grouting project. We began by conducting a topographic survey. Then, we performed a geophysical investigation. This told us approximately where the water was flowing in the dam and helped us narrow down the seepage location. We also took borings near the abutments to confirm the findings of the geophysical investigation.

Along with data collection, we also reviewed documentation from past grouting efforts. We used it to identify what had worked in the past and inform our next steps. Then, we produced plans and specifications for the contractor, Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, who was selected to perform the dam grouting.

Before construction, there were unknowns, as the main seepage path was going through the abutment. We had approximate depth locations, but it wasn’t clear what would be encountered below grade. Using our plans as a starting place, Drill Tech would field adjust as they were making repairs based on what they found. Open lines of communication allowed our team to find solutions to challenges as they arose.

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The completed project has significantly reduced seepage in the west abutment. With consistent lake levels, residents can utilize their docks and fully enjoy this amenity. Making these changes helps move this lake community forward, preserving its value.

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