Customized Approach to Storm Sewer Repairs Maximizes City of Shawnee’s Budget

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city of shawnee pflumm storm sewer

On a recent project with the City of Shawnee, Kansas, our design team used a customized approach to maximize taxpayer dollars. Instead of performing a wholesale replacement, we reviewed the condition of each storm sewer pipe and inspected sections of pavement to determine which should be left in place, rehabilitated, or removed on Pflumm Rd. between Shawnee Mission Parkway and the south city limits.

The city had performed a video inspection of their system and knew pipes needed attention in this area. Most of Shawnee’s storm sewer system is comprised of corrugated metal pipe. Over the years, the city has been working to update existing pipes with concrete to prevent future failures.

To maximize the city’s dollars, we did not perform a complete replacement of the metal pipe on this major collector. Instead, we leveraged their data to determine which pipes could be left in place. This allowed us to create a plan which would include a balance of old and new, providing Shawnee and its taxpayers with the best value for their money.

shawnee pflumm storm sewer

While this project was focused on improving the storm sewer system, other aspects were updated as well. We performed a mill and overlay and removed deteriorating curb, gutter, and sidewalk for the area, using a similar approach for those repairs. Our team inspected the area, identifying specific panels of sidewalk and curb in need of replacement. We repaired only those spots to stretch the budget. Street lighting was also updated within this section.

Our cost-effective approach allowed us to deliver a high-quality solution for residents. This stretch of roadway is currently open to traffic in all directions. A final mill and overlay will occur for the final phase of the project this spring.

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