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This summer, we’ve had a college student interning at Affinis. Pierce Miller, a University of Kansas Student studying Civil Engineering, has supported our traffic, roadway, structural, and stormwater teams. Set to graduate in 2024, we asked him to tell us about his experience at Affinis. In this interview, he shares a typical day and what he’s learned in his role.

Tell me about the work you are doing as an intern at Affinis.
As an intern, I am shown many different areas of just about every subdivision of civil engineering that we do here. I primarily assist with design work and help check the plans before submission.

What does your day look like?
I usually come in and ask the team where they need my help. Then, someone will walk me through what needs to be done, teaching me how to perform the work. I try to finish it as quickly as possible and then, start the process over again. In this role, every day is different, because I’m working on a variety of projects.

Is it similar or different than you imagined? Why?
It’s is very similar to what I imagined. I’m doing a lot of work in CAD and Excel, which I’m very familiar with. However, there have been times when I have had to learn a new software or program that I never thought I would need to know.

How does it compare to your schoolwork?
This work is much more enjoyable. When I come in to work, I’m engaged and attentive. Here, I am able to actually put what I’ve learned to use.

What are you learning from your position?
In my position, I am learning all the ins and outs of the engineering world – how projects get made, what design work looks like, and what truly is important going forward into the future.

What have you enjoyed most?
I have enjoyed the community here at Affinis the most. My colleagues are all wonderful people, and they make coming into work every day that much more enjoyable.

What advice would you give to another intern?
One piece of advice I would have is to always ask questions no matter what. That is how you will learn the most.

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