Lenexa Protects Homeowners with Stormwater Improvements

Posted on Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 by
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Stormwater lines in a Lenexa neighborhood had not been upgraded since the 1970’s. Some had rusted through and needed to be replaced, so they could perform optimally. The city wanted to add a new system that could handle the increase in capacity needed.

Our team was selected to design the project and oversee the construction. In addition to the pipe replacement, the project included new sidewalks, curb, and gutter. Some of the pipe was located in backyards, which meant extensive coordination with local residents and restoring properties to their previous conditions.

By having both services in house, we could quickly resolve any issues that arose in the field. It also meant our construction engineering group had a clear understanding of the scope and the city’s goals before they stepped onto the site.

In overseeing the project, our team performed a variety of duties. They tracked the daily quantity of linear feet of pipe that had been replaced. They worked to keep proper traffic control in place and communicated with residents. This was particularly important as we were working in residents’ backyards to make the improvements.

To keep things moving, we met with the contractor daily. City meetings occurred weekly and were used to share future plans. We also coordinated with sub-contractors on items, like asphalt and sod placement. A large part of our role was reviewing the work to see if it met Lenexa’s standards.

The recently completed project helps move the City of Lenexa forward. By investing in their infrastructure, they have added value to one of their neighborhoods. The updated system now protects homeowners from potential water damage.

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