What It’s Like Working with a Construction Inspection Team

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For many years, Affinis has provided civil engineering designs for a variety of clients. We’ve found the true measure of a completed project’s success is “Did you get what you paid for?” and “Did you get what you expected?” Our inspection team is tasked with helping our clients answer yes to both on every project they oversee.

To do this, our construction inspection team starts before construction begins. We perform a preconstruction field check with the designer to discuss the work plan, project constraints, access during construction, and phasing. This helps us understand the intent of the design, so when field conditions change we are able to assess, ask, and adapt to meet them. If something that doesn’t make sense gets constructed, because “it was on the plans,” we all look foolish.

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The lead representative on our team is tasked with on-site observation when the contractor is performing work. He or she will also be responsible for scheduling and coordinating additional representatives to assist when multiple construction operations are occurring simultaneously. Additionally, the lead representative will:

  • Complete daily observation reports and enter them into the client’s system, using software like E-Builder. These include an email to interested parties with the contractor’s activity, personnel, equipment used, and three site photos.
  • Coordinate and oversee testing, which will be performed according to contract documents and distributed to interested parties
  • Perform daily and when necessary, nightly traffic control checks.
  • Complete and document weekly, or following a 1/2-inch rain event, erosion control measures oversight.
  • Report to the city opinions and suggestions based on observations regarding defects or deficiencies in the contractor’s work and compliance with plans, specifications, and design concepts.
  • Be the point of contact between business/property owners and the city, keeping the parties informed and included in the process.

We understand the importance of accuracy when tracking quantities and reviewing pay requests. At the end of the project, everything must be accounted for to the penny.

When it comes to construction inspection, we utilize the skills of our entire team. At Affinis, we can field up to five, full-time, experienced, certified inspectors, supported by engineers, technicians, and administrative co-workers. We have relationships with independent, experienced construction representatives, who allow us to expand our work force when needed.

We also use our in-house survey crews, which provide a value-added benefit to our clients. Our inspectors monitor construction staking, making sure everything is where it should be. When something appears out of place, we have the contractor verify the staking before anything is constructed. If the staking is correct, we will then discuss it with the design team and verify the plans are correct. If the issue is still not resolved, we will mobilize our surveyors to the site to review or verify staking. It is time well spent avoiding errors in construction.

To learn more about our construction services team and their capabilities, email us at kleathers@affinis.us.

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