Overland Park to Repair 5 Storm Sewers at 5 Sites in the Next Year

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The City of Overland Park, Kansas repairs deteriorating stormwater infrastructure as part of their annual program. In 2021, our team partnered with them on five, separate project sites for this effort. Four are set to be constructed this fall, while the fifth is being moved to 2022 to allow time for utility relocations. Below, you’ll find brief descriptions of each site, along with notes about our design strategy and the problems it plans to solve.

W.109th & King Street
An existing, open concrete channel was in poor condition in this area. Along the bottom, rebar was exposed, and it wasn’t functioning properly. Working with the city, we decided to replace the current channel with a reinforced concrete box (RCB) instead. The new enclosed system requires additional grading, but will increase the usable space in backyards by reducing the slopes to the inlets. Our structural engineers lent their expertise to this project as well, helping us find a solution to effectively stabilize the area before the RCB is placed. Existing storm lines connecting to three curb inlets at cul-de-sacs will also be replaced as part of this project.

W. 100th Terrace & Linden Street
At this site, we were tasked with repairing a storm line and connecting it to Indian Creek. The aging and deteriorating corrugated metal pipe (CMP) will be replaced with reinforced concrete pipe (RCP). New curb inlets and a new flared end section will also be installed upstream and downstream of the RCP.

West 67th & Floyd
At West 67th and Floyd, the city asked our team to evaluate the capacity of a 36-inch CMP and a 54-inch RCP running parallel in Floyd Street to determine if a parallel system is needed. Our analysis determined a parallel system is not needed. Deteriorating CMP was replaced with RCP and connected into the existing 54-inch RCP. The CMP running parallel to Floyd and upstream of a backyard area inlet will be abandoned with slurry fill or removed.

Roe Avenue & Granada
Aging and deteriorating corrugated metal pipe (CMP) will be replaced between Roe Avenue and Granada Street. Curb inlets upstream and downstream of the CMP will also be replaced. For this residential area, utility coordination temporary fencing, and traffic control along Roe Avenue are part of the project.

Johnson Drive, Near Shawnee Mission North High School
To improve this system, we will be replacing aging and deteriorating storm lines in two areas. One is west of Foster Street. The second is along Johnson Drive, from Marty Street to just east of Metcalf Lane. Signal, lighting, and geometric street improvements will also be constructed at the Johnson Drive and Metcalf Lane/West Frontage Road intersection. The storm system west of Foster will be realigned to reduce a crossing of Johnson Drive. The storm system from Marty Street to Metcalf Lane will be replaced and realigned. Replacement of this storm system will require replacement of integral sidewalk retaining walls and a portion of the Shawnee Mission North High School parking lot.

This busy area has a number of utilities, which need to either be avoided or relocated. Potential utility conflicts have been identified using utility mapping, one-call locating, potholing, and site observations. It was also important to the city that we reduce the construction impacts to the school. Managing traffic control will be critical to the safety and constructability of this project. This final project is anticipated to be constructed in 2022.

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