Prairie Village Boosts Walkability on Nall Avenue

Posted on Tuesday, October 31st, 2023 by
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The City of Prairie Village, Kansas values the pedestrian network within their community. Their policy states sidewalks should be located on both sides of arterial roadways. This approach completes continuous walking paths that connect neighborhoods and provides convenient access to key amenities, such as parks and schools.

The section of Nall Avenue between 79th Street and 83rd Street did not meet the city’s sidewalk requirements. Facilities on the west side of the roadway needed repairs, while the east did not have sidewalk at all. In addition, the roadway needed routine maintenance. The City selected Affinis to design these improvements, which would be partially funded by Johnson County’s 2022 County Assistance Road System (CARS) program.

Affinis began the project by conducting a partial survey of the site. This information was used to analyze the best location for a sidewalk along the east side and the resulting impacts. The analysis showed that a historic stacked stone retaining wall between 81st Street and 83rd Street would have to be removed and reset to construct the sidewalk. In addition, adjustments to the roadway grade would be required for proper drainage. These changes were cost prohibitive, and it was decided the sidewalk addition would be deferred until such a time that the wall was no longer a constraint.

Between 79th and 83rd Street, we completed an asphalt mill and overlay and constructed new curb and gutter and ADA-compliant driveway aprons. The sidewalks on the west were also reconstructed. On the east side, new sidewalk construction was limited to the stretch between 79th Street and 81st Street. The completed project supports the City in keeping their area walkable. Now, pedestrians can safely travel Nall Avenue between 79th Street and 83rd Street and access local neighborhoods.

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