Stormwater Solution: Nyloplast

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nyloplast stormwater solution

When it comes to creating stormwater solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. While traditional offerings deliver a number of benefits, a less commonly used option, Nyloplast, provides its own set of advantages.

Designed for low flow, this plastic, storm drainage system has a traditional structure, which is durable and corrosion resistant. It’s smaller pipe size gives it a narrow footprint. However, it can handle the weight of heavy truck loads.

Because of Nyloplast’s unique dimensions, you can design around utilities with it and avoid impacting them in many cases. It also works well in areas with a narrow right-of-way, because instead of having a big structure behind the curb, it can be placed under it, minimizing the system’s encroachment. Its unique design makes it a natural fit for nuisance drainage issues. For example, it can pick up trickle flows that cross intersections and ultimately cause icing. We’ve found it works well in flat intersections.

We recently used Nyloplast for two projects in Merriam, Kansas: 67th and Carter and Merriam Lane and 61st Street. This system was implemented on 67th and Carter to collect low flows before they crossed a flat intersection. The slow trickles caused icing hazards in certain areas of a busy intersection. The existing storm sewer system was shallow, so it was the best choice to make the downstream connection. In contrast, we chose to use it on Merriam Lane, because the buildings there had zero set back, leaving a narrow right-of-way. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) inlet and pipe system fit within the space constraints of the site and has helped mitigate stormwater impacts to the parking lot, businesses, and utilities.

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