Street Maintenance Program Invests in Neighborhood Preservation

Posted on Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 by
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Each year, the City of Overland Park preserves the quality of their community’s infrastructure through their annual street maintenance program. Most recently, they identified three sections of residential street in need of reconstruction. These included Bond Street (north of 141st Street), 157th Terrace (west of Switzer Road), and Lucille Street (north of 141st Street).

The Affinis team was selected to provide survey and design services for all three streets, as part of our on-demand agreement with the city. The projects included enclosed storm sewer upgrades, pedestrian improvements, and subgrade drainage mitigation.

Bond Street and Lucille Street
Bond Street and Lucille Street were both experiencing severe pavement deterioration, which was caused by the presence of excess water in the subgrade. While full-depth pavement repair could extend the life of the roadway, the subsurface drainage issues would continue to result in the need for ongoing repairs. It was determined that reconstructing the pavement section with a drainable aggregate base and an underdrain system was needed to address the issue and renew the roadway service life.

157th Terrace
The third site, 157th Terrace, was once a private street. The roadway was showing significant pavement distress and needed storm sewer upgrades to handle the drainage overflow from a series of upstream ponds. In addition to complete street reconstruction, the sidewalk was extended from an adjacent neighborhood, and city-owned street lighting was added to promote pedestrian connectivity and safety. An underdrain system was installed beneath the curb, adjacent to a private pond, to protect the roadway from subsurface water.

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