USACE to Develop New Levee Guidance

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is in the process of developing an Engineer Circular (EC), EC 1165-2-218. An agency document, it outlines policies and procedures for the Corp’s Levee Safety Program. The guidance consolidates and formalizes the principles, policies, and key processes used.

The proposed EC will be divided into four volumes:

  • Levee Safety Overview.
  • Levee Sponsor Activities.
  • Levee Safety Program Policies and Procedures.
  • Summary of Shared Information and Uses.

There are several noteworthy items within it. They include:

  • Basing decisions, and the management of sponsored levee systems, on the risk associated.
  • Tracking and monitoring levee activities based on risk.
  • Developing a 10-year program in conjunction with levee sponsors and FEMA.
  • Focusing sponsor activities in the areas of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.
  • Supporting levee sponsors in managing risk.
  • Possibly changing the frequency of USACE levee inspections from annual to every five years.

Due to COVID-19, the public comment period on the EC has been extended through July 27, 2020. Originally, several in-person stakeholder workshops were planned across the nation. Those sessions were postponed when social distancing measures were put in place. To weigh in, stakeholders can attend a virtual or public session when it is safe to do so. Those dates will be posted here after they have been scheduled.

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