Affinis Survey Crew Previews New Topcon Solution

Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 by
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Members of our survey crew, Garrett Spease and Justin White, recently beta tested Topcon’s new workflow solution, which includes GT-1200, MAGNET Field, and FC-6000. As a long-time partner, they wanted our feedback on its performance, so we evaluated it out in the field.

The new total stations include a new field computer, a full-version update to Topcon field and office software. The system was designed to deliver improved performance and better data handling with built-in, field-to-office connectivity.

After using it, Garrett said, “The MAGNET software is very user-friendly. It’s straightforward and easy to use. The real-time location was a key feature to supply each team member with a field controller.”

The speed, tracking, and accuracy of the GT Series was designed for surveyors and contractors performing survey, layout, or machine guidance projects. The complete GT Series workflow solution — MAGNET software, FC-6000 field computer, and HiPer Series GNSS receivers — can be used together to increase precision, reduce rework, and improve quality control.

When asked about its benefits, Garrett responded, “We experienced noticeably more proficient tracking through brushy wilderness, stop signs, and trees with side by side testing. Even close up tracking within 20 feet was noticeably better between the multiple total stations that we had running.”

To learn more about Topcon’s new solution, visit their site.

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